Microwave Pyrolysis & De-Polymerisation

Microwave Pyrolysis of tires

Microwave pyrolysis and microwave de-polymerisation use similar processing techniques to de-construct either organic matter or polymers. The processes often involves the rapid heating of waste in an oxygen-free environment. Bio fuels & oils and monomers are extracted via condensers and separated from the remaining char.

Using microwave pyrolysis or de-polymerisation, waste such as organic matter, sewage, plastics, car tires and more can be processed and recycled into valuable fuels, monomers and carbon. The output products are often explosive and as such require the equipment and microwave system to be intrinsically safe.

AMT have developed a number of high power projects that require the use of microwaves in these hazardous environments. With our high power experience and knowledge, we are able to develop complete systems or assist your development through our consultation services.