Microwave Generator Rental

microwave generator rental
High power microwave generator rental available at amtmicrowave.com

Fast track your project with AMT’s Microwave Generator Rentals

When you rent from AMT you get reliable equipment, delivered quickly with full service guarantees. AMT’s microwave generator rental is a flexible program that allows you to try before you buy or simply lease a generator until your project is over.

Wide variety

Our traditional and switch-mode high power generators are very portable and suited to a wide range of applications.

Easy set up

Simple push button controls or by using a flexible PLC or Labview based control system, each generator is easily set-up and integrated with your process.


Available* models

Type Specifications Rates in AUD**
NetMac 1.0 Linear supply, 1kW fixed, 2.45 GHz $400/month
NetMac 5 Switchmode, 6kW, 2.45 GHz $800/Wk, $2.5K/month
NetMac 30 Switchmode, 30kW, 922 or 915 MHz $6.5K/month,
$10K/90 days
NetMac 40 Linear Supply, 40kW, 922 or 915 MHz $7.5K/month,
$12K/90 days
NetMac 60 Linear Supply, 60kW, 922 or 915 MHz $8.5K/month,
$16K/90 days
NetMac 75 Linear Supply, 75kW, 922 or 915 MHz

$18K/90 days

NetMac 100 Linear Supply, 100kW,922 or 915 MHz $12K/month,
$28k/ 90days

AMT’s Responsibilities

  • Generator process integration,
  • Repairs and general maintenance,
  • Process consulting advice,
  • Safety interlocks.

Renters Responsibilities

  • Supply of suitable air, water and electricity,
  • Shipping costs and insurance coverage,
  • Personnel and equipment safety,
  • Generator use on agreed process only.

* Contact AMT to find out which microwave generators are presently availability for rental.

** Add GST for Australian customers