Preliminary Investigation

Having identified a microwave induced competitive advantage for your business, a preliminary investigation should be undertaken.

See the video below for more details.

Preliminary investigation summary:

Caution: Always wear appropriate protective gear.

1. Check your product’s ability to heat using microwaves. This can be done with the use of a domestic microwave oven. Start with short heating durations (10 – 20 sec) and increase if required.

2. Investigate evidence of improvements due to microwave heating. This can also be undertaken in a domestic microwave oven, starting with short heating durations.

3. Determine the energy requirement using the heat balance equation or from relevant published data.

4. Divide calculated power by 0.85 to arrive at a realistic power level that accounts for process efficiencies.

5. The capital cost will be approximately $2000 – $4000 / kW but may vary due to materials handling.

6. Energy operating costs are calculated based on the electric mains power drawn by the system (kW/hr = generator power level x 1.25).

Contact AMT for further assistance.