Microwave Scale Up

Microwave scale up from bench to production

We follow a systematic staged approach that minimises your risks and delivers rapid process implementation. Below are details usually associated with each step of industrial microwave scale up.

microwave scale up - low power analysis
Microwave scale up – early stage – low power testing



Don’t be afraid to talk to us…we are dealing with concepts all the time and have enough implementation experience to recognise winners.

Advantages All novel ideas come to us via mental concepts.
Details In a matter of a few minutes we can broadly determine your concepts;a) Technical feasibility,b) Capital estimate.

Feasibility (stage I)

Look before you leap…we have done hundreds of feasibility studies and know the key engineering parameters required and where their values should lie.

Advantages Clear go/no go point.
Details Within 1 or 2 weeks work, we can quanitify your key engineering parameters and the likely-hood of project success. A series of trials are undertaken that can determine;a) Energy requirements,b) Optimum frequency,

c) Applicator concept,

d) Process advantages,

e) Time/temperature profiles,

f) Capital requirements.

Prototype – Pilot (stage II)

Steady as you go…there is a big gap between a successful feasibility study and a successful industrial application. Use our equipment to pilot your process, we have many microwave generators and high throughput applicators to enable process fine tuning prior to full scale implementation.

Advantages Financial risk is reduced and a thorough process understanding gained before jumping in.
Details Large scale trials always highlight the important process issues.
A series of high power trials are undertaken that usually result in a firming of engineering designs such as;a) Materials handlingb) Microwave applicator

c) Control system

d) Risk analysis

Implementation (stage III)

Advantages These will include some of the following;1. Reduced energy usage2. Volumetric heating

3. Instantaneous control

4. Selective heating

5. Easily obtainable high temperatures

6. Clean energy transfer

7. Drive chemical reactions

Details AMT will give you a fixed price for the plant design, construction
and commissioning.
Microwave scale up – Full Scale System