Microwave Scale Up

Scale up your laboratory ideas to a commercial reality.

30 years experience in microwave scale up and design for industrial projects worldwide. Avoid pitfalls and maximise the advantages of microwave technology by benefiting from our experience.


Our expertise is supported by an extensive range of microwave test equipment, 1 kW to 100 kW generators at multiple frequencies, simulation software and workshop facilities to get you started faster.

Don’t waste project development time learning from your mistakes. AMT’s extensive knowledge and experience in microwave applications can increase your chance of success and save you time and expenses. We follow a systematic staged approach that minimises your risks and delivers rapid process implementation. 

Whether it’s consultation, computer simulations, laboratory tests, equipment hire or a complete microwave system, AMT are able to provide the right amount of support for your project. Click here to learn more about AMT’s available services.

AMT specialize in applying their wealth of microwave related knowledge to a wide range of industrial applications and fields.


Over the past 30 years AMT has been involved in the development of many world wide industrial microwave projects, some of these are listed here.

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