Microwave Fat Melter

Improve your production by replacing traditional gas and steam systems with AMT’s Industrial Microwave Fat & Butter Melters.

Product Features:

Our state of the art modern melters are designed with quality, efficiency and flexibility in mind. Whether you’re upgrading from a traditional system, adding to your production line or just starting off, we have a system that can be customised to suit your needs.

From 20 to 300* kilograms per hour. Fully adjustable in real time due to the advanced power control design.

High efficiency is achieved due to our Zero Contact Heating Technology. Product is directly heated via electro-magnetic energy, eliminating losses due to mechanical heat transfer required in steam, water and element based systems.

Instant Melting:
Instantaneous melting is achieved at the push of a button once a one off 5 minute magnetron warm up sequence has completed.

Minimal Burning:
Burning due to hot surfaces is eliminated due to our Zero Contact Heating Technology. Product is heated via electro-magnetic energy which means no hot pipes, surfaces water or steam.

Our melters are custom built to suit your needs. It is important for us to understand the range of products you wish to melt in order to provide you with the most effective system possible. Our base systems are built to melt butters, oils, fats and chocolates and can be customised to suit a range of other products.

To start melting using modern microwave technology, contact us today.

Note: There are a small number of products that microwave technology will not effectively melt such a paraffin wax.

*throughput relates to  available generator power, cavity size and design.