Whats the bottom line? The quickest way to arrive at a capital budget estimate is to establish the total microwave power required for the application. This can be achieved relatively simply by understanding how each of the following applies to the process under question. heat of fusion sensible heat heat of vaporisation conduction losses convection … Continue reading Capital

Will I ever have normal children?

Microwave radiation is the same stuff being emitting from mobile phones and is completely different to radioactive radiation and is not cumulative. The only effect ever reported on the human body is one of heating. Just as too much infra red heat can cause burning so to can high levels of microwave radiation. Microwave equipment … Continue reading Will I ever have normal children?

Which frequency & single or large Magnetrons

What frequency should I use? Single or multiple magnetrons? Both of the above questions are sometimes related. Some facts about each approach are listed below: Magnetron efficiencies are between 50-72% for 2.45GHz compared to 80 to 87 % for high power 922 or 915MHz. The lower the frequency the great the penetration depth into a … Continue reading Which frequency & single or large Magnetrons

Pro’s and Con’s of microwave technology

Advantages Volumetric heating Energy savings(up to 70%) Reduced equipment size(down to 20%) Instantaneous control Selective heating Clean energy transfer High temperatures(+2000 C) Drive chemical reactions Volumetric Heating – The wave penetration into various materials has huge positive consequences in many applications. This volumetric heating gives rise to a very rapid energy transfer into the material … Continue reading Pro’s and Con’s of microwave technology