Microwave Research and Development Team

AMT employ and partner with a number of specialists across a broad range of fields on a project by project basis. Our core team of professional technologists are all specialists in their related fields and microwave research and development. We are passionate about the benefits microwave technology can bring to industrial processes and products.

Mr. David McLean is a microwave engineer with over 30 years experience in microwave process development and microwave material interaction. He has broad experience in the application of microwave energy to many industries and has worked extensively on novel commercial applications.

David has designed many microwave applicators utilising state of the art power supplies and simulation software packages. He has worked extensively in new process development both in Australia and overseas.

Mr. Joel McLean is an electrical engineer with experience in industrial microwave research and development, applicator design, system automation and microwave interaction & simulation.

Dr. Dominic Cuiuri is a power and control engineer with over 25 years experience in both heavy industry and manufacturing. He is currently responsible for microwave generator development at AMT and specialises in dynamic control of continuous process environments. Dominic has worked extensively in new equipment development for Australian and International companies.

Dr Robert (Bob) Corrie is a Materials Engineer/scientist with a proven track record over many years in Research & Development, Senior Commercial Management, Management Systems  and  Consulting Services. He brings to the team his “hands on” Industrial and Commercial experience in the application of innovations, from  Concept to Commercial application.

Dr. Ken McLean is an experienced engineer with over 40 years research experience in various aspects of applied physics and processes. Ken has a systematic approach to experimental trials and detailed understanding of microwave interaction with materials and electromagnetic behaviour.