Microwave Projects


Over the past 30 years AMT has been involved in the development of many world wide industrial microwave projects, some of these are listed below:

  • Oil Refining (Australia)
  • Hazardous Waste Processing (Australia)
  • Soil Remediation for PFAS (Australia)
  • Coal Comminution Assistance (Australia)
  • Vermiculite Expansion (Australia)
  • Rare Earth Component Manufacturing (USA)
  • Soil and Seed Sterilization (Australia)
  • Microwave Plastics Pyrolysis (USA)
  • Microwave Rubber Tire Curing (Sri Lanka)
  • High Speed Coffee Cup Manufacturing (USA)
  • Reversible Animal Stunning (Australia)

– Development of a process for the humane stunning of sheep and cattle

  • Rapid microwave vending system for frozen foods (Australia)
  • Microwave processing of Nano-particles (Singapore)

– Development of a continuous process for the production of Nano-particles.

  • Microwave production of acid (USA)

– Development of a continuous process for the production of acid.

  • Microwave processing of frozen butter blocks (Australia)

– Development of a semi-continuous process for the butter processing

  • Microwave PVC curing system (Australia)

– Development of a continuous process for curing PVC carpet base.

  • Microwave system for Oil rigs (Malaysia)

– Development of microwave system for a Hazardous area Zone1 Group IIa.

  • Microvac Process (Australia)

– A process for the recovery of oil and carbon from rubber tyres.

  • Vegetable Blanching Process (Australia)

– Design and development of an industrial microwave vegetable blanching process.

  • Tire De-polymerisation (Australia) 

– Process for the recovery of oil and carbon from rubber tyres

  • Continuous Fruit Cooker (Australia)

– Design and development of a continuous system for cooking fruit in jars.

  • Building Panel Dryer (Australia)

– Design and development of a continuous system for processing building panels.

  • EAF Dust Smelter (Australia

– Design and development of a high temperature process for the recovery of zinc from Electric Arc Furnace Dust.

  • Wool Bale Warmer (Italy & Czech Republic) 

– Design, construction and installation of fully automated microwave wool-bale processing lines.

  • Packaging Processor (New Zealand) 

– Design and construction of a high power density microwave system for producing a starch based packaging system.

  • Vending Machine (Australia) 

– Designed and developed of a microwave cavity system for thawing and heating pies.

  • Super Conductor Coil Winder (Australia)

– Design, construction and installation of a coil winding machine for high temperature Super-conducting tape.

  • Rotary Dryer/Roaster (Australia)

– Design, development and construction of system for drying/roasting granular products.

  • Timber Processing System (Australia)

– System developed and constructed for warming timber kitchen doors, prior to laminating

  • Wool Bale Strap Remover (Australia)

– Development of a machine to automatically remove and dump steel strapping around wool bales.

  • Chemical Processing (South Africa) 

Assisted in the development and supplied a 75kW microwave chemical processing system for de-polymerisation of PMMA.

  • Ceramic Ware Mould Drier (Australia)

Design and construction of a 105kW automatic microwave system for the production of sanitary ware products.

  • Fat Melters (Australia)

– Microwave systems for fat melting in the confectionery industry.

  • Rubber Volcanisation System (Australia)

– Microwave system and dwell oven for processing extruded rubber.


AMT continue to be involved in a wide range of microwave projects around the world.