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Advanced Microwave Technologies was established as a Industrial Microwave Research team in 1987

30+ projects and 28 years later

Microwave research was established at Wollongong Australia in early 1987, with the collaboration of industry and government for the purpose of investigating and developing industrial applications of microwave energy.

The early work was under the directorship of Professor Howard K. Worner a distinguished Australian scientist with a background in chemistry and metallurgy and Assoc Professor Frank Paoloni an engineer with high temperature plasma experience. As the focus moved towards industrial microwave research and development and away from automation, this industrial research and development organisation became Advanced Microwave Technologies under the direction of electrical and microwave engineer David McLean.

Advanced Microwave Technologies’ projects over the years have been spread across a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Early projects were funded mainly by the Australian mineral industry and included high temperature smelting of metals from their ores using microwaves, microwave extraction of oil from shale, microwave processing and drying of coal. Our early experience in microwave processing of chemicals has included the microwave distillation of oils from shale, the microwave assisted cyanide extraction of gold from mine tailings using a modular microwave heated “pipe-warmer” concept, microwave extraction of essential oils from plant materials, microwave sterilisation of wastes, and the use of microwave generated plasmas for destruction of chlorine containing wastes, dioxins, accelerated organic reactions (zinc and polymer compounds) and many other applications. Advanced Microwave Technologies have since been involved in many innovative projects across a wide range of industries within Australia and around the world.

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